Deliverying on quality and sustainability

The company has a matured ISO 9001:2008

accredited Quality Management System (QMS)
providing the foundation for an integrated approach
to quality management

A rigorous approach to quality and sustainability has helped CBi Telecom become a leader in Southern Africa’s copper and optical fibre manufacturing market.

All design, manufacturing, quality and testing conforms to the latest ISO 9001 standard. Monitoring is undertaken at each stage of production in accordance with defined Quality Control Plans. This commitment to quality is followed right through from the purchase of the raw materials to the delivery of the end product.

CBi Telecom products are designed and manufactured to customer specific technical requirements and international standards such as IEC, ITU-T, EN and UL, whilst complying with national SANS and SABS standards.

Sustainable and ethical business practices

A safe and healthy working environment, aligned to the responsible use and management of natural resources, drives CBi Telecom commitment to sustainable development and ethical business practices. The company’s Safety, Health and Environment policies and systems are in accordance with ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 standards and requirements.

The company adheres to a strict Code of Ethics which is entrenched across its operations from its human resource practices right through to the production process. CBi Telecom strives to foster a working environment that ensures its employees act in good faith with integrity and honesty, and that all actions serve the best interest of the company. Instilling respect for fellow colleagues and the value they bring to the company creates a shared interest and commitment to the sustainability of the company.

Adding Value

Sharing expertise is critical for the
growth of the telecommunications
sector in South Africa and CBi Telecom is
uniquely placed to offer practical training
on the installation and application of
its products in the marketplace. With
extensive knowledge of both copper
and optical fi bre cables installations,
the CBi Telecom technical team offers
a variety of services which include:
technical consultancy, network auditing
and evaluation, as well as specialist
training where requested.