CBi Telecom is an original equipment manufacturer of copper and optical fibre cable products for the telecommunications, industrial and structured data cabling markets. The company also manufactures a range of bundled micro duct for both in-duct and direct buried access and FTTX applications.

Broadband services, especially those to FTTX subscribers are rapidly expanding and this accelerated growth has placed pressure on the limited space available in existing networks, which typically use conventional ducts.

In order to effectively address tomorrow’s space constraints today, requires an innovative bundled micro duct system that is able to adapt to the network environment.

  • Micro ducts provides a fast and efficient means of building a fibre optic network by allowing the deployment of multiple high count fibre optic cables using the micro duct system

Micro ducts are used where future network expansion is expected and is ideal for new installation methods, giving customers the flexibility to add fibre cable as and when needed.

By installing micro duct systems into a company’s networks, customers are given the power to use their duct system efficiently to its fullest potential, with the added benefit of being able to easily expand as needed. The process is fast and easy and importantly saves on future constructions costs.

  • The micro duct and micro cable system allows for maximum cost effectiveness and return on investment

    The installed micro ducts are tailor-made for a changing environment and because technology is constantly shifting, companies need to ensure that the cables they are installing today, allows them to capitalise on the very latest fibre technology, without costly civil construction work on the network.